Life's Cruelty


Life's Cruelty


Some people call me Redhead Jenny,
I haven’t got a lousy Penny,
my pockets empty as my belly,
I’m on my way to Dead Man’s Valley.

A handsome dude once in the boozer
said: "C’mon, Jenny, you’re no loser!
You’re fine and young, you're not a scarecrow,
not born to live your life in sorrow."

He gave me lots of drinks and kisses,
then introduced me to a Mistress.
She sent'm upstairs to my chamber,
how many gents, I don’t remember.

One night a filthy stinking rich man
snored in my pillow like a brake van.
I stabbed the pig and took his money,
turned tail and ran fast as a bunny.

A pretty guy down in the tavern
abducted me to seventh heaven.
He stole my heart and all my jewellery,
so now I’m broke. Well, that's life's cruelty.

(Bild: Dante Gabriele Rossetti, Maria Maddalena)
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